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The art of Dabberville: Yamabushi is at it again.


The iconic artist Rob Yamabushi is the principle artist behind the scenes of the strange world of Dabberville. His distinctive style brought to bear on the hottest trend in the super stoner world , the dabs. So here is this guy in the middle of nowhere making insane design after design about the dab experience. I mean some of the stuff is pretty out-there , you start to wonder if it is not effecting the artist too much. This whole McDonald-land world of fucked up fraggels where wookies wander aimlessly , and even the mightiest are reduced to navel gazing. Yamabushi really takes you there to the nitty gritty of the dab experience. He seems to explore the world and encapsulate it at the same time.

The style is something else that impressed me , it is like he is trying to take us back to the seventies with all the Maui Wowi and quaaludes. I don’t know where he finds all the pictures he uses , but the guy must be a real digger. The whole line has what I would describe as seventies swagger. The look, the fashion , the colors and the characters all have this repurposed look to them. Like they had some old life but they were also made to be used like this some forty years later. Their second life is the pallet Yamabushi uses to speak to a lost idealism and a hope of a brighter future. The art of Yamabushi is different from Dabberville , the later seems to have gotten a lot of the artist’s passion as of late. He is name dropping flavors and talking about the fear , has he finally lost his mind behind this shit.

The stoner world is divided on the dabs, the edge of your seat action rightly intimidates some. The artist helps the viewer on their path to discovery. He holds your hand as he delves deeper and deeper into this highly secretive scene. A scene full of blown up bastards and budder and butane. The shatter makers , secret chefs with arcane alchemies, super stoners and science. A hidden world of clandestine labs and hidden rooms. The art of Dabberville seems to relish that outlaw spirit. It is high profile and in your face, unashamed and unmasked. That seventies high level drug smuggler style. How the artist uses images from the past to both qualify and inform the designs visual and conceptual impact is one of the things rob Yamabushi does best. He gets that part right, almost like he wades out to the middle and just posts up for a while enjoying the current. The dab phenomenon is so new, that art representing that movement has not yet been fully realized. We are at the forefront , where art and culture merge and shape the look of things to come. It is a very exciting place full of potent ideas and new ways of seeing and experiencing art. Dabberville is an expression of that cultural merger. Both in creation and cultivation Dabberville seems to be pushing the boundaries of the visual world of dab.

The transcendental highs associated with the pocket psychedelic amplitude of the dabs needs to have a fully realized visual component. Much like the use of LSD changed the visual look of the mid to late sixties, the dab revolution should usher in new forms of psychedelic art. The power of the substance should affect the artist and the art. One should see a difference , a new intensity a transformation an evolution. Stoner art circles will have to choose ,stay anchored to the ground or soar the heavens. The visual bombardment should escalate , new frontiers to explore should embolden new developments in how we interact with art. The future is full submersion in specifically tailored fully realized completely artificial environments. We will give unforgettable experiences away and alter the viewer forever. We will program specific trips , augmenting the experience with highly coded visual data.

New tech will help us express new realities. The mapping of the soul , how to program yourself for positive change. How to evolve further and reach more potential. As a religious teaching device the full immersion techniques could enable faith to be experienced as never before. An empathy machine, a device to help heal, reform and teach .Positive brainwashing to be applied as needed. The possibilities are endless for the ways to share ideas. If you mix in the drug experience into the full immersion art adventure then you have a new frontier. It is that frontier that will be the future focus of Dabberville and it’s principle artist rob Yamabushi.
The world of Dabberville attempts to champion the culture of the people behind the scenes making the magic happen. For the novice or fan of the culture we endeavor to explain and illustrate the nuance and zeal that enlivens this new artistic movement. Dabberville is the focal point of where head shop culture meets the fine art world. It is designer head shop apparel and art at a new level of experience and excellence. Dabberville is a portal to other worlds of mind-bending magic and wonder. It will be exciting to see what Dabberville has to offer in the future.